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We know Financial Advisors make all the difference.

We believe in the power of financial advice.

But there’s a problem

Too many women lack the confidence to engage with their Advisors and their financial futures.

We give Advisors the tools to retain and strengthen relationships with female clients and prospects and we help Advisors grow their business.

When Advisors connect with women, great things happen.

Fortify Relationships

Engaged clients lead to enthusiastic referrals, increased revenue, and greater retention.

Go There

Ask Her

Have meaningful conversations.

Provide valuable guidance

and planning.

Be Indispensable

Life can change in an instant.

Be the one she turns to first when life happens.

“I felt such a sense of calm once I was done.”

Our Signature Program

Our Program gives you an onboarding and re-engagement process with concrete steps to reach out to female clients and prospects to engage them with insightful questions, Guides, a Playbook, and a Client Presentation.





women’s goals and unique challenges

your team

multigenerational client relationships

clients into valuable advocates for referrals

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Financially Empowered

“Protect her financial future…help her achieve peace of mind.”

Get in touch

Joy and Linda, the founders of Financially Empowered, spent decades in the financial industry, working with some of the largest firms on Wall Street. They understand the power of advice and believe every woman can benefit from it. They have a deep understanding of how to work with Advisors and how to educate and inspire women.

Financially Empowered

Linda M Sherman

LINDA spent over three decades in the financial services industry specializing in marketing, consultative sales, training, and creating actionable solutions to achieve client and corporate objectives.

In a multitude of ways, life has shown her that every moment is precious, and you need a plan to protect it. Linda is passionate about both working with Financial Advisors and educating women.

Joy Prefer Cohen

JOY started on Wall Street the day she graduated from college. Over three decades, she worked as a skilled consultant, marketer, and presenter, working with Advisors to drive growth and deliver client solutions.

She is passionate about helping Advisors inspire women to confidently advocate for their financial futures and to prepare for life’s ups and downs with insightful education and planning. 

Financially Empowered

Women Whisperers of Wall Street.


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